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We are in this together.
     At RPS Pool Service, we care about your pool and we understand the difficulty of proper pool maintenance .  Call Us Today!!!  or fill out request form to the right. 
     We are a full service Swimming Pool Company. We don't always work 24/7 but we will take your call.  

Weekly Maintenance-   We provide all chemicals and backwashing.  100 to 185 mth.
One-Time cleanings-    Have to estimate...  
Drain ad Clean-            Start at 400 and usually do not go higher than 700.
Acid wash-                    Included in drain and clean fee.
Repairs-                        25 dollar Estimate on repairs.
Leak Detection-            Begin at 200 and stop at 395. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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We are serving the greater Dallas Area.
  25.00 Service Call